Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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Suzy's solo

1. [+604][-14] Miss A's contract will expire next year, I'm curious if she's going to stay or not..
2. [+521][-77] I'm sure she wants to be an actress more than idol now.. Her voice is great, but not that great to sing solo on stages.
3. [+51][-1] JYP is only pushing Suzy and the rest of the members can do nothing about that. Please let the other members to act or appear in variety shows as well. During their debut days, JYP really pushed Min but the one who got popular is Suzy..
4. [+48][-20] She'll do solo just fineㅋㅋ Right now she's the only one who feeds Miss A.
5. [+17][-14] The rest of the members will turn into pigs they can't even appear on TVㅋㅋ
6. [+13][-5] Suzy really sings well, I still listen to her old songs..