Sunday, December 18, 2016


The girlgroup that's everyone is looking forward to their debut next year

is Pledis' Girlz

This group will consist of:
IOI's Zhou Jieqiong+Im Nayoung, the girls who appeared in PD101: Kang Yebin, Jung Eunwoo, Park Siyeon, Kim Minkyung, and Kang Kyungwon, and also Bae Sungyeon, Kim Yewon and Kyla. There are 10 girls in total!

The vocal line will consist of:
Bae Sungyeon, Kim Yewon and Jung Eunwoo and there is no black hole in this vocal line. Three of them are talented.

And on top of that, all of these girls are really slim and prettyㅠㅠㅠㅠ<3
Just like Seventeen, they also produce their own songs, write their own lyrics, and even make their own choreographies!

I hope they'll debut as soon as possible!


1. [+123][-3] I really hope things will turn out well for these girls.. I will flip really hard once Pledis sends Seventeen to Japan when these girls hit big..

2. [+70][-4] It's really cool how they still include Kim Minkyung in their group.. I guess being pretty is everything.. Anyway, I wish these girls good luck!

3. [+54][-6] Didn't Kim Minkyung have a controversial past..?

4. [+24][-1] This group will be the rookie monster group of 2017, seeing by how they have Park Siyeon and Kim Minkyung in one group..

5. [+17][-18] Park Siyeon is totally my type.. She knows how to express herself and being honest.. This is her expression when the MC announced that Kim Sohye was one of the 11 girls that were going to debut.. 

6. [+17][-3] They don't self-produce everything because they're Seventeen's junior.. They do that because their company won't let them debut.. That's why they do everything on their own..

7. [+9][-2] You have to see this video if you have time. They covered After School's Bang on their concert and it was really amazing, the dance was on point. I started stanning them after watching this video..

8. [+8][-2] I'm a Seventeen's fan and I really hope Pledis won't postpone their debut just like what they did to Seventeen..

9. [+6][-17] I can't believe I'm reading a post about Pledis Girlz in Pann!!ㅠㅠㅠ You have to stan these girls, they have 3 main vocals and 3 lead vocals and no black hole at all.. They're all talented. Not to mention that they have amazing visuals too.. Please stan Pledis Girlz, everyoneㅠㅠ

10. [+4][-2] Honestly, I would say that Park Siyeon's visual is in the top 30 girl group visuals..

siyeon my baby doosdnfsldofmjslo i love her i have a feeling im gonna be into this group once they debut bc i stan talents!!!!! i only stan talents.